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Letter  of Outrage Delivered

I have hijacked the front page of our site to agree with the Mayor.  The 500 KV poles - even without the line - look horrible.  As they are erected one by one through the heart of our City it can not be any more clear that the project will affect property values in the immediate area and over time, throughout the area.

Read Mayor Graham's "Letter of Outrage" for yourself!  Now write your representatives. Then Facebook and tweet this all over SoCal until it gets the attention it deserves.  

I'm afraid the only way residents of Chino Hills to get even is through their vote. I encourage a "Black List" to be published throughout the area.  Politicians were either our Friend OR Foe and there was nothing in-between.  I for one want those in the latter category out of their office.  My vote will go accordingly and I hope yours does as well.

From the City website:  

"The Mayor of the City of Chino Hills has delivered a letter of outrage in response to the construction of the TRTP power poles through the heart of Chino Hills. The letter was mailed to past and present members of the California Public Utilities Commission, the regulatory agency that approved the route through Chino Hills; the Southern California Edison Board of Directors; and Governor Jerry Brown. The letter was also published in the Saturday, June 18th edition of the Chino Hills Champion newspaper."




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